Cyprus is a landlocked island in the Western Mediterranean, which has been a subject for a variety of political disputes between the Greek Cypriots and the Turkish Cypriots. South Cyprus is situated between Turkey and Greece in the far east, while the western coast is close to the Turkish coast. It is the only country in the Mediterranean, that is completely surrounded by the waters of two different countries. The southeastern corner of the island was occupied by the Turkish army in World War I as it was the main supply point for the army. This occupation did not last as Cyprus has its own military forces but the area was later occupied by the British Army during World War II.

In the 1950s the first Greek Cypriot administration was set up in South Cyprus. The Turkish authorities in South Cyprus then declared the island as a province of the Turkish Federation. This is a disputed claim that is still open despite many attempts at negotiations. Cyprus has its own legal system, although this is a very weak one. Apart, from the political issues this political divide has also caused the division of the language and culture in the island.

The Cypriots are mainly an ethnic mix of Jews, Arabs, Greeks, and other ethnicities. Their culture includes Greek influence, Jewish culture, Turkish influence, and other foreign influences such as English, French, and other European languages. There are some other major areas that influence South Cyprus such as the North and Middle East. These areas are largely influenced by Islam.

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